Exploring Your Passion

Many people write about quitting the 9 to 5 and doing your own thing.  There’s nothing wrong with that.  In fact, it’s an admirable  goal to have.  That being said, you CAN excel at your current gig and explore your  passion at the same time.

My Story

I’ve been with the same company for 12 years.  In the technology space, this is a rarity.  I’ve been fortunate enough to move up the ranks and it’s been a rewarding journey.  As I’ve writing before, I’m in corporate technology sales.  I cherish the work I’m privileged to do with my clients.  The relationships I have in my industry are very fulfilling.  I value them more than anything else I do in my work environment.  That doesn’t mean I don’t have other passions or things I want to explore.  Hence, I started writing and working with others to improve their life and work performance.

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3 Easy Tips!

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to grow your business. It’s highly targeted, highly trackable and it’s cheap! How else can you deliver a custom marketing message directly to the in-box of a highly targeted subscriber? No where! 

So enough about the WHY, now let’s talk about the HOW. To start, you need a list of people to email, right? Growing your email list can be as challenging as marketing to them, it’s certainly as important. Here are a couple of easy tips for increasing your email subscribers:

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As A Small Business Owner

It’s Sunday morning and I am working, clearing out emails and reading a few too.  One of my favorite daily emails is from Seth Godin.  Everything he says is succinct and yet still has the ability to make me think, usually for far longer than I want.  This morning I wake up to his latest blog entitled, “Living with doubt…..is almost always more profitable than living with certainty”.  

How true.  As small business owners we are constantly faced with doubts.  The list of things on my plate for this snowy morning has question marks all over it.  I am constantly juggling so many things that I have found if I just stop, think and really strategize, even for 15 uninterrupted minutes, I can solve a small problem before it gets any bigger.  Ignore it and I get what I call a debacle!  Something that could have been prevented but I lost sight of the big picture.  

So as I stare down the last yearI have already made some decisions.  Get the easy stuff off my plate, outsource where I can, hire great sales people who represent us well, and focus on the big picture.  Details are going to be handled by the great people I have surrounded myself with.  After all, isn’t that why I hired all of these smart people, so they can handle stuff!!!

Consider what you can do to outsource the stuff that bogs you down, gets in your way, holds you back yet, has to be done, and if writing your monthly eNewsletter or seeking out green marketing strategies happens to be on your list, I know exactly who you should talk to!!  Effective email marketing is in your future.  

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What you can learn from them

Your organic products may be some of the coolest on the market, but have you noticed your online sales slumping? Worse, has your e-commerce failed to take off altogether?

Perhaps the problem is the ambiance of your website, or lack thereof. When marketing organic food, personal care products, clothing, etc, it’s important to remember that your audience is savvy and seeking an elevated customer experience. Take Motherlove, for example. It’s a 20-year-old company specializing in holistic, organic body care products for babies, pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers.motherlove

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The Generation Gap?

A friend of mine does the newsletter for her yacht club.  It’s not the traditional yacht club, it’s low key and does not even have one yacht.  In fact, I really don’t know why they call it a yacht club!  Regardless, the membership is made up of 85%(ish) people over the age of 60.  

My friend is tasked with getting the word out regarding social functions, kids camps etc. as well as any club news, on a budget.  Where does she turn?  Email marketing of course.  

In her first month of Newsletters, there was a drastically low RSVP rate to the months social function.  Despite announcements in the paper newsletter for months, the 60+ crowd was not looking at their email every 6 minutes via an iPhone.  Who knew?  Ha!!  We did.  

So, being that the senior market is one of the fastest growing demographics in the country, what’s your plan to get them engaged?

For starters, plan ahead.  Think about your parents and grandparents right now.  If you wanted your grandmother’s business, and you should, what would appeal to her?  

1.  A Worthy Offer!! Worthy of a stop at your store when she is next out. Consider segmenting your list into a 60+ list and make separate offers with longer expiration dates.  Massive catalog order companies do this, you can too.

2.  A Double Opt In.  Make them earn it and hopefully they will remember it.  I don’t mean make them jump through 5 hoops, but remember, your list is about buyers and not just having addresses.  

3.  BIG FONT.  Take the time to make your font bigger on a segmented, or not, list.  Make it easy to read and it is more likely to be read.  

Speak to your audience and they will speak to you!

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Teaching and learning

Blogs have been used in both business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) successfully.

Yet they are both quite different.

B2C sales processes are usually simpler than B2B’s.

The latter might involve long sales cycles with multiple decision makers.

Sales teams become ineffective because buyers are now increasing their expectation. Traditional sales and marketing messages are suspicious.

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Achieving Overnight Success

Discover how you can earn six figure income (or more!) from [insert your favorite place for vacation here] and while you sleep…”

“…and the best is, you can do it in one short week.”

Sounds familiar?

I didn’t copy other’s people sales letter, but surely you can relate to one as soon as you read it. It’s true, for a few years, I’ve seen many people make it sound like a blog is “the” solution to your business, marketing and publishing.

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Why you need a blog – It’s your educational tool!

Technologies come and go. There are countless of gadgets, applications and services which once appeared among us, but then sank again no where else to be found. Some are growing much slower but gaining their own market share.

Some technologies are here to stay. Others have to go.

Same thing applies to online marketing. In fact, you have tremendous advantages if you integrate technologies into online marketing.

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How to find a best name

For all blog platforms, even if you choose a hosted blog platform, you want a domain name. Rather telling people to go to myblog.mybloghost.com, you want a shorter and easier to remember name. If you can’t host your blog on your own domain, at least redirect the domain to the hosted blog domain.

It just looks more professional. After all, you are running a business.

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7 Tactics to Increase Your Influance

So you’ve started your brand new blog huh?

The excitement may not last long. After a few weeks or months, perhaps you’ve begun to experience burnout. Perhaps you like the feeling to be able to post your opinion on the Web, but writing becomes a chore rather than something fun to do on a regular basis.

Readership may not grow at the rate that you think the blog is worth the effort. Sounds familiar? I guess it is to many of us. It happens to some of my blogs too, in many times.

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