What to do when you feel sick

out-sick-1Yep, it won. I’m at home today, sick. It’s not your run of the mill stuffy head/cold/sore throat. This, I think, is some sort of flu, since I am beyond exhausted and all of my muscles hurt, and oh yes, I have a fever. What I really think is wrong is that I’m sleep deprived. I don’t think I sleep as soundly as I’m supposed to, and often times I will wake up several times a night. I fall right back asleep without a problem, but the waking up leads me to believe it’s not a sound sleep that I’m getting.

Anyway, all that means that I’m home today. And my house is clean, so I’m not even cleaning. I’m actually going back to bed for a few hours, and then I really have to get out of the house and get some fresh air. I have a few errands to run, probably just to Target and pick up the dry cleaning or whatever, and then its back to bed for this girlie. I really can’t afford to miss another day of work tomorrow, so rest it is.

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Useful Innovation


Have you ever tried to read on the bed? Its pretty hard isn’t it? That’s because the bed and the pillow aren’t designed for reading. To do reading on the bed with comfort you will need to use a bed rest pillow. This keeps your alignment proper all the time.

The function of this type of pillow is to keep your back straight when you’re reading. This ensures that you won’t get tired easily. Another useful feature is the armrest. This simulate the feeling of sitting on a chair and reading on a desk .Read also: Finding the fish.

So the point is, they keep you comfortable and supported at the same time. This also means that you won’t slide down your pillow as you’re reading. For me, that’s a massive irritant when reading on the bed using normal pillow.

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Finding The Fish

I was reading my horoscope today, as I do every day, and it said something along the lines of “have a friend spring clean”. Now I don’t believe in horoscopes and I don’t rely on them to large bettergive me advice on life, but I read them out of curiosity – will they be right, will they get it totally wrong? I’d love to have a belief in something that I truly think works and puts positivity in my life – I would never read a horoscope and then work my day around what it said because this is where problems start. If it said, “Today you will be lucky with money”, I don’t go straight out and buy a lottery ticket, but if it says something like, “Today is a good day to get on with some work” then that’s advice, and I’ll give it a go if I have something to do.

Having said that, my horoscope did ring true to me today – not in a tangible way, but it made me think. I saw an old friend of mine this afternoon when I stopped off at the place where she works. In a GED school we were inseparable – if I was there, so was she and all my other friends knew this. She was, if you like, my second shadow. I didn’t have a problem with it, I enjoyed her company, and she was someone you could rely on. Seeing her today made me realize that I know nothing about her anymore. She’s got a new boyfriend – didn’t know. She is an online GED teacher, and a very successful one – didn’t know. And the topic of conversation stays on the surface – “How is your mum?”, “How is your dad?”, “What are you up to these days?”. It’s sad really but sometimes these things happen.

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Directing Visitor Focus

It’s good to get back to basics. We forget them a lot of the time. Often times it’s what costs us the most online. We like “pretty” websites. We have visions for our companies and we want our websites to reflect that. But there can be a huge difference between pretty sites and effective sites.


It’s easy to forget that we can only ask a visitor to do one thing at a time. So what is most important to you? What will you direct their focus to? What is the most important action they could take? Are opt-ins most important? Are purchases most important? Are new client leads most important?


It’s common these days to hear sales pages tout “ugly” websites that make gobs of money. I don’t doubt that these stories are true, because “ugly” websites tend to be focused websites. They give visitors only one option to choose. “Buy or bye.” Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for engaging visitors and gaining not just buyers but raging fans, but there is something to be said for not confusing those fans. Give them the content they’re looking for and then ask only one thing from them, be it a sale, an opt in, or a Twitter follow.

Now look at each page of your website. Is each one optimized for only one visitor action? What could you do to make it clearer for your visitors? What do you have on each page that just distracts from that desired visitor focus?

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Personal Development and Education Thanks To Alan Cohen

Alan Cohen is a motivational guru and one of the top-ranking thinkers and writers. He influences the life of many people who want to live better and are open to get out of their comfort zone. I recently reviewed educationhis book “How Good Can It Get?” in my speech for GED Students and this post is a summary of it. GED Students face many obstacles, they don’t have a high school diploma so they have to go back to school to earn their GED certificate. It may take them only 3 months to get all set, but often they first join a class with enthusiasm, but only to drop out half way or disappear for a while until they may show up again.

Reasons for that being lost interest, family commitment, a job, hard for them to attend a class on a regular basis due to money issues, transportation to class and more. It seems that most GED students come from a low income world so these issues make sense.

I hope my lecture based on the book of Alan Cohen: “How Good Can It Get?” will inspire them to stay on course and get their GED.


The universe we live in is abundant, extravagant and limitless but we do not reap the benefits of living in such a universe because our thoughts are limited and tiny. Throughout the ages, thoughts have become tinier and tinier as more people agree with each others puny thoughts and beliefs.

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Bechtel botches the job but still gets paid

I’m in the wrong line of work.

I would love to be in a business where people pay me a lot of money for big, expensive jobs, but I don’t even do the jobs myself—I just get another company to take care of everything. That company, in turn, hires a lot of small companies to do the actual work. Ideally, the arrangement would be like a medieval cartel, with yours truly at the top of the food chain.

There’s one more part of my dream business—the best part, actually: No matter how badly I screw up a job, I never have to give my customers their money back.

That, in a nutshell, is the sweet deal that construction giant Bechtel has in Iraq. As part of the reconstruction effort in that desert kingdom where the flower of democracy is blooming—with the fragrance currently wafting all the way to Lebanon—Bechtel is getting a whole lot of our tax money to build varied and sundry structures.

Let me rephrase that: Bechtel is being paid a lot of money to try to build structures. Actually finishing the job apparently isn’t required in the contracts.

For instance, one of Bechtel’s many lucrative jobs was the still unbuilt Basra Children’s Hospital. Back when the 50-bed hospital was first approved (as part of one of many multibillion-dollar reconstruction packages), Bush had his wife and Condi milk it for all the PR it was worth.

But now, the project is on hold and may never be completed because Bechtel botched the job and went over budget. The company burned through the contract cap of $50 million—a million bucks per bed—but didn’t even get close to finishing the hospital.

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Picture Tells A Thousand Words

I find myself struggling to write on this blog anymore. My love of writing, journal style at least, has been over taken by a passion of photos instead. Which is why you’ll find a lot more action going on over at my flickr account.

I’ve started to do a Project 365 again, because I’ve been taking photos most days anyway so I figured I should make an entire project out of it to ensure that I’m uploading at least one photo a day. I did do this previously, starting on December 25th 2008 but I gave up some time in May due to being snowed under with work and life. I’m determined to see this one through, I don’t give up on things very easily! Through the 365 I plan on doing different mini challenges. At the moment I’m doing The Musical ABCs, which is 26 photos, each one for a different artist in alphabetical order. I’m having tonnes of fun doing this challenge, it gets to show me through photos and my crazy taste in music. I’ve always been a massive music fan and like everything from pop to indie to hard rock to urban. I guess the advantage of that is that I’ll be left with a collection of 26 very different photos by the time I’ve finished this “set”.

If you have a flickr account, feel free to add me as a contact. I love viewing other people’s photos, especially if their doing a 365 too.

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Coffee Around The World

Can you imagine a day without a cup of coffee? I can’t! BuzzFeed made a great video and shows us how coffee is made around the world,  covering different styles of coffee from many countries.

(Re)Arrange Your House with Twitter: Mid-Experiment Update

Cristina and Lisa have been tweeting (or Twittering, or using Twitter) for a whole week, and they have been fantastic. The regularity and quality of their tweets have been exceptional, so I think I can already glean some juicy information on their lifestyle, the flow of their day, as it were.


First off, some stats and information about these ladies. Cristina’s Life Flow

The morning ritual seems well fixed and harmonious with her usual tendencies. In other words, she is not expressing a need to adjust to the new environment. The order of the rooms works well for her morning routine. Up from bed, quick bathroom stop, kitchen for coffee and frugal breakfast, paper.
The radio is a very important component of Cristina’s home life. ***Perhaps a radio system throughout the house*** [She mentions that she would like the radio to follow her from room to room].
When she doesn’t have to go to school, she settles in her study after breakfast and takes care of email and Skype calls to her family in Italy — This ritual is performed with high regularity every morning. Her desk is against the far wall of the room, with the windows to her right, but she finds her body turning toward the light and says she feels like a sunflower. ***Suggestion for week 2: Experiment by putting the desk between the two windows, so she can see the sky (which she has mentioned has a meditative, soothing effect on her) and avoid glare on her computer screen.***
Food is not a focus for Cristina, or should I say cooking. She likes to eat very healthy food, preferably a vegetarian diet, but prefers frequent small snacks to fewer larger meals. Her cooking is reduced to a minimum but she takes great pleasure in cleaning and organizing the kitchen. By the end of the first week she has set the kitchen up quite to her satisfaction. ***Note: the kitchen needs to be entirely redone, but now is not the time. This is perhaps the best that can be done in the short term.***


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Uber Prank -super funny

Do you know how Uber works? You order a car via the app on your phone and it shows up pretty fast only sometimes you don’t know what car is the Uber car because they have no signs. This prank is all about it.